DU Meter

Application that monitors internet usage with extended features


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  • Category Analysis
  • Program license Trial version
  • Version 6.2
  • Size 3.47 MB
  • Works under: Windows 8 / Windows NT / Windows ME / Windows 95 / Windows XP / Windows 98 / Windows 7 / Windows 2000 / Windows Vista / Windows 98 SE
  • Program available in English
  • Program by Hageltech

DU Meter, an app that regulates the data and traffic that runs through your system, does not require having expensive network administration software. The DU Meter costs nothing as a utility, and it includes a flexible events system, an extensive logging facility, and it works with almost every type of network connection. That includes DSL, phone modems, cable modems, satellite, and LAN. When you use a DU Meter, you can anticipate the unexpected; in fact, you will even be sent alerts if dangerous or suspicious activity on your network takes place.

As a fairly basic app, developers updated DU Meter so that it comes jam-packed with an impressive package that incorporates a lot of the graphical user interface, and there is even a new mini mode that plays non-intrusively in the background. In addition to those upgrades, DU Meter now makes use of a real database engine that gives more detailed and accurate alerts related to suspicious network activity.

Windows Vista in particular works especially well with DU Meter, and it is more accessible because of a sidebar gadget that, unfortunately, DU Meter does not support with the other versions of Windows. Whether you need a basic network monitor or to prevent unexpected internet outages, DU Meter can fix many of these problems. For those that a broadband connection will not be enough, you can optimize your connection. Similar to the mechanics of an engine tune-up, the software readjusts your system settings until you have reached every kilobit per second.

The software itself is quite simple, but it gives you an effective solution that presents you with charts and graphs to show statistics that relate to your internet connection. You will see the current download and upload speeds, and you will be given a concise report about your monthly, weekly, and daily internet usage. With the stopwatch feature, you can even measure the traffic set over a period of time. Whenever traffic exceeds the threshold or the connection slows down, you will be sent an alert. Luckily, DU Meter is not resource intensive, and it is a better alternative to some of the other bandwidth fiends that rob you of your internet speeds. DU Meter might also be of interest to people who have subscribed to a tariff plan that has traffic limitations.

DU Meter's sage advice ensures that your broadband connection works its best. The software also tracks and monitors your immediate bandwidth usage. This software saves you a lot of time and trouble because some of the internet service providers have started to crack down on customers who have excessive downloads. The task bar blends with and has a simple but elegant look. You can change colors, font styles, borders and sizes as needed.


  • Warns you about impending problems with your connection
  • Logs all the traffic that goes through your network


  • Cannot prevent or block attacks to your network
  • Works best for Windows Vista
  • Without the user guide data it can be hard to understand
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